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[[That awful moment when we see someone cosplay something you wanted to do but knowing you’ll never go it to their quality and decide to give up on any and all plans]]


I’m not over the level detail in this gifset okay, it is freaking fantastic how much detail was put into just 5 seconds of film.

1. In the first gif, Hiccup approaches the most hostile of the baby Nadders. That blue one has all its spikes on its tail raised, its pupils constrict, and it shakes its wings threateningly as it hisses. The purple and green Nadder off to the side look at each other like “ooh wassat?” and the purple one quickly decides to boop at Hiccup’s hand.

2. In the second gif, the initially threatened baby Nadder (blue bby) sees its purple sibling all happy, and relaxes itself like “ooh you won’t hurt us, okay I kinda want to take my turn for this awesome scratchy thing you’re doing” and steps a little closer to Hiccup. Look at the lil purple Nadder all happy anD -SMiLiNG- (liL sQUInTY eYES) and flooping it’s wings all happily. The green baby Nadder sees purple bro all happy it goes “wtf I want in on that DDDD8< ” and you see its eyes constrict and its body prepare to launch itself right into the Nadder being pet..

3. …which he successfully does in the third gif and while the green baby Nadder is all “hehehe >8) mine” you see the purple Nadder scream at it. (Also lookit the lil blue Nadder moving away like O__O on the right side of the screen). ALsO HicCUP’S precIOUS fREaKINg faCE lOOK At HIM. He sees the babies vying for an affectionate scratch, so he reaches bOtH hands out to them.

I can’t aslkdj




Stoick at Chipotle.

I’ll order an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side

Come ask my character really hard questions about themselves, their past, or their relationships.
What’s one thing you’ve been dying to ask the mun?

[[Heading off to mobile soon so I’m going to shove a couple of meme’s up here so feel free to send some asks! Since they’re sort of all I can do off my phone, eugh.]]

inxquitous whispered: "I'm going to make you tremble." [[modern, yeah?]]


[[Heck yeah]]

Hiccup’s expression fell to a grimace without effort. Color rose to his cheeks at the connotations of the phrase, but his eyes rolled. “Thank you for the very generous offer, or threat..but I’m going to have to pass on that.”




I don’t remember this character.


Hiccup, don’t. move. a. muscle.
I’ll get the knife.

[[Taking bets on how many of these followers I’ve gained through the Giveaway actually stay once the prizes are handed out xD]]



= 400 Follower Giveaway!! =

Hey guys, this is a great big ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s stuck with me or found this blog! So as a thank you I want to do a little drawing giveaway for everyone.


- You must be following me to have this giveaway apply. It IS to thank all my followers after all right?

-No limit on how many times you like/reblog but please don’t spam people out of their minds. Let’s not lets this become Dash trash huh?

-Giveaway ends at Midnight on the 25th of August, when I’ll be drawing numbers to see who’s won!

-Please make sure your inbox is open so I can send you your winning message if you get picked.


-First place [One Winner]: A full color illustration of your choice! Scene, characters, your pick!


-Second place [Two winners]: A full color drawing of a single character


-Third place: [Two winners]: Three reaction images of your character of choice


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