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✠ our muses watching the stars together


"See? Aren’t you glad I dragged you up here? We’ve got a great view tonight." Hiccup flashed a small, crooked smile to his roommate before his gaze slipped skyward once more. Cloudless, and with just a bare chill on the air. All the charts had been right about that night and he was glad he’d checked them so diligently. With the moon waxing overhead, and no sports games from the far off stadium, the light pollution was minimized as well.  True, he wasn’t sure they were supposed to be up there, but the roof wasn’t hard to get to, and he wanted a good view before the cold of Autumn crept in fully.

To the protests, Jack all but barked a laugh and then grinned at him. “You totally do that…you have a very expressive way of talking. I should like set up a camera one day so you can see for yourself.” He smiled and reached to give him a gentle nudge on his hand. Jack looked back up to the sky, smiling softly, the look turning positively mischievous as Hiccup declared rules null and void for the subject of star-watching. “Okay, okay~” He reassured him.

"I got you up here, so I consider that a small victory~" It was a step in the right direction. Hiccup was so caught up with obeying the rules that Jack worried that he’d never actually…live. It made the albino happy that he’d managed to shakes those shackles off his roommate just a little bit. To give him a taste of the freedom that Jack enjoyed everyday. His parkour allowed him access to places that people couldn’t normally go, he liked to explore and find little hidden nooks and crannies.

Jack’s eyes scanned the inky darkness, widening a bit as a shining streak of light shot across his vision. “Whoa…did you see that Hic?” He glanced over to see if his roomie had seen the shooting star as well, his eyes closing as he made a wish. A wish that he and his roommate could be happy like this for a while.

There was a quick, scoffing laugh from the brunette, but he didn’t quite have the gall to completely test his theory. “I refuse to be a part of your faux reality show Jack….and I definitely don’t do it quite that much” He added in a mumble, giving Jack a light nudge with his elbow.

They really did have to come up there more often though, he stuck to that one. It was too quiet up there, the cold sky above them peaceful, and utterly separated from the nearly stifling environment indoors. It reminded him of the time he used to spend outside in his hometown. Far better than being cooped up indoors, always bent over his desk, cramming between projects and tests. And spending it with Jack seemed appropriate sometimes. The guy could be weird, had his quirks, but overall, he could have had far worse roommates to deal with. And their friendship had taken root in ways he hadn’t expected.

Mossy eyes went wide in awe as they fell upon the bright star as it shot across the sky, its tail a vibrant arc in the ink of the canvas it streaked across. His lips parted in amazement, edges pulling up. “Wow….Yeah I did! That was, wow I haven’t seen one of those in a long time.” Hit attention fell to Jack for a moment to catch his eyes closed. Jack and his child-like habits sometimes. It didn’t take much to know he was making a wish. There was no harm it in, and he mimicked the move. Of course  he had a lot of wishes, but his hard work would fix most of them to happen. No his wish was simple, and vague, something as light as hoping for more peaceful moments like that.

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Val looked over and tilted his head with a confused smile as Hiccup placed a hand over his knee and rubbed. What was that for?

He’d surprised himself with the forwardness of his action. Somehow it felt appropriate for what he and Valrun had experienced. There was an added level of odd closeness once someone’s kidnapped you and then been in the same near-death experience as you. Even if it had been his fault, Hiccup had seen too much of the hound’s life, heard too many little comments. He offered up a weak smile, his fingers snatched back hurriedly, returning to fumble together. “Sorry about that it just seemed, appropriate? You’ve just had a lot happen back there. I figure anyways. Like I said back then, I’m not sure you’re the type to kidnap or attack someone.”









Jack decides to be a little shit.



ച  ℜ ❤√v^√v^√v^———
    Ramsey hardly took into account how intimidating he was. He didn’t sense that the tense atmosphere was because of him. Rather he ignored it for the most part. Focusing his attention on the words that were printed along the menu rather than the pattering of heartbeats that seemingly accumulated in the small cafe. Subconsciously, his tongue pushed passed his lips, moistening them as the image briefly flickered in his mind’s eye. Never a good thought. One that he struggled daily with and still had a lack of control over after generations had passed. His pair of sunset hues steadied on the one who appeared jostled by his sudden approach but he waited.

   He waited for the brunet to finally begin his explanation. It was a little long-winded for Ramsey but in another sense, it was extremely helpful. When the adolescent took it upon himself to prod at the menu, suggesting a different drink, Ramsey turned it over and looked at what was recommended. Iced coffee didn’t sound horrendous but Ramsey naturally liked warmer fluids. Without saying a word to Hiccup, he merely glanced his way before cutting back before the registrar and pointing a finger exactly to the one that Hiccup had unintentionally prodded at. “This one,” he didn’t know what ‘this one’ was but he was going to have it.

    Tall, grande, or venti?” The cashier asked with a twinge of hesitancy in his voice and for a good reason. Ramsey didn’t seem too pleased with what he was saying. Words that didn’t make much sense. Why did he care whether it was tall? "Do you want your drink small, medium or large…?" The worker rephrased himself and there was a wary glance sent Hiccup’s way. Ramsey relaxed his shoulders this time around, finally comprehending what he was saying.

    Small,” he didn’t need much.
    “That’ll be two fifty.”
    "Ah’ don’t have it. Just give me the damned drink already," he scowled, frustrated with this whole episode that was going on.

Well the male certainly wasn’t about to win any personality contests that evening. It was like dealing with a bristling wild animal, uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the topics most modern folks found part of their every day norm. He had to admit, those eyes caught his attention. And his interest was caught firmly both in their bright depths, and in the oddness of their owner.

Hiccup’s lips pressed tight into a line as he watched the conversation continue, wariness fading into mild, uncomfortable alertness. Clearly the poor barista’s answers weren’t fitting with his coffee sensibilities. Each question seemed to anger him further, Hiccup felt for the the guy he really did. He’d been behind similar counters enough to recognize the growing annoyance in a customers’ tone, and know the strain of it.

And he didn’t have money. And he was getting irritated. If he didn’t know any better, the man seemed almost ready to start growling at the poor worker, who seemed at a loss for words. Honestly he was surprised by that turn of events, the man looked quite capable of having enough funding to get the late night coffee. Even though it was clear he didn’t do it often. His lips tightened further as he shot the barista a look, waiting for the tense air to ease.

It was too late, he was too tired to sit by and watch this happen,and it was definitely too easy a solution to go unused. With a quick apology, Hiccup sidled past the dark male, putting himself between him and the counter. A freckled hand raised in a sort of calming gesture to the strange costumer, his attention returning to the barista with a small smile. He definitely didn’t seem like the hot chocolate type, where his finger had landed.”Why don’t you just get him a small dark roast, little room, and a medium dirty chai latte with coconut and caramel. “  He added, reaching quickly into the soggy bag and pulling out his wallet, the leather damp as a few bills were retrieved. They passed hands effortlessly before he turned back to the stranger with an optimistic smile. “I’m guessing you don’t head out here for coffee often? Or uh, didn’t intent to anyways. They usually take american paper cash in exchange for goods. Monetary values and all that.”

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My muse wearing bondage gear


He had to say, it wasn’t his usual choice in clothing options, but the leather was kind of nice. As Hiccup turned, inspecting himself as he twisted himself around to try and see how the tight shorts flattered his backside, the thick straps snug around his torso and wrists. Not the easiest thing to climb into, the buckles and belts set in a complex set of crisscrosses and loops. His cheeks were flushed at the feeling of them against his freckled skin, still shocked by his choice to even put the thing on.

It wasn’t until he glanced back towards the small mirror propped against his desk that he caught the flicker of movement and spun hurriedly. On instinct his hands flailed to cover himself with hands that did little to help. “This isn’t what it looks like!” Smooth, totally believable.

There was actually a rather good number of pictures that had been uploaded by a since deactivated account. The one that Hiccup had stumbled upon was his roommate in a rather lovely position, settled on his knees on a dark wooden floor, laced into a dark leather corset, blindfolded and gagged. His arms were behind him, wrapped in a strange leather contraption that went up the whole of his arms.

The end of a riding crop was settled against his cheek, held by a tall, lean man who had sharp aristocratic features hidden by a masquerade mask. His hair was slick and black, his eyes sharp, possessive and golden. Jack was marked here and there with bruises and bitemarks over his shoulders. There were many others, some with him in various states of undress and dress alike. One constant was a black leather collar with a snowflake tag that was around his neck.

There were more than a few pictures, some much more explicit than others, some taken from the point of view of the man who had once ‘owned’ Jack but it seems as though it had gotten a bit too severe for the albino’s liking. Then, the pictures shifted to ones Jack had uploaded himself, him being on the boss end this time around, posted before the ones with the dark intimidating man. His partner was a surprisingly strong looking man with tribal flower tattoos on his arms and salt and pepper hair. They seemed to switch roles from time to time, sometimes Jack was in charge, other times, the other man was. Seems that this one had been much much nicer, their romps starting out tame and grew more adventurous. The last picture was Jack in a harness similar to the one Hiccup had bought, and there was a year gap between the albums.

Jack of course had no idea that the pictures were still up there, he hadn’t visited the forum in so long. He hummed lowly as he flipped to a clean page and forced himself to actually focus on his sketching for the class. He finally managed to finish them and groaned, tossing the book onto the coffee table. “Ugh, that was wretched.” He huffed and rolled over onto his feet to head to the kitchen. After all that work, he needed a  snack.

He should have stopped at the first photo, should have left the site all together and ignored his curiosity. It was a gross breech of trust to be seeing his roommate and friend in such a compromised position…positions…

Each of them showing off the pale skin, marked or flushed, biting against the harsh leathers, that mischief laced smile as he seemed to lead the man much sturdier than himself. Sweat dampening those pale locks, such a range of emotions in those photos. Before long Hiccup found himself chewing his lower lip to keep focused, his once loose sleep-pants growing uncomfortable. And yet his fingers continued to scroll, caressing delicately down through the archive of photos, finding link after link to Jack’s ecstasy-fueled face.

It would be simple to relieve his stress here, to let his hand just slip beneath the hem of his pants and-
No. Absolutely not.

Jack deserved more than that from him. He’d been the one to send him these sites after all! All to help him discover something his utterly inexperienced friend might have been unaware of. There was no way he’d abuse that. Jack probably didn’t even know those pictures were still on the site.

He needed some air.

Pushing away from his desk hurriedly, he closed his laptop with a snap, striding quickly to the bathroom. He hope Jack’s attentions would be too absorbed in his work, the hall to the bathroom wasn’t far off enough from the couch to provide him a proper hiding area. The cold water splashed against his flushed face helped. At least a little bit. He knew full well those images would be utterly scorched into his minds eye though, there would be no shaking them.

Once the chill of water cleared his head a bit, and his uh, ‘situation’ had calmed down somewhat, he escaped, looking for another distraction. Food seemed like a good idea.

He nearly barreled into the very source of his fluster, giving a yelp of shock. “Ah-! Jack! I mean, did you…finish your work?” Normal conversation. Good.

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"But of course, I take challenges very seriously. You didn’t believe me when I said werewolves were real." Jack gesture to the stranger beside him, a tall pointed ear man with long black hair and deep golden eyes. "Boom. His name is Rev. I met him about two hundred years ago. He has been cursed for three hundred. Rev, this is the human child I told you about."

The werewolf stared long and hard at Hiccup, his eyes were definitely not human, deeper, more feral. He simply grunted in response and offered a hand to the viking.

Jack, obviously pleased with himself, leaned against the wall with the widest grin imaginable. “He doesn’t talk much, which is why we make such good friends~ OH! But I told him if he came he could eat those stripey eels ya got.” Jack wiggled his fingers at the mention of the eel. “He likes those.”

The two immortals stared at Hiccup while he wheezed and struggled for air. Of course a little hike was nothing for them. Rev could run miles without even breaking a sweat, and no one was really sure if Jack even breathed. The werewolf whispers something in Jack’s ear that made the spirit laugh. 

"Nah, he just isn’t used to running. That leg is fake." Jack explained to Rev, answering the silent question. He went to the vikings side, patting his back in a soothing manner before conjuring a bit of snow for him. "It’s the next best thing from water." The spirit defended.

While Jack tried to get Hiccup up and running again, Rev got himself comfy. He sat by the edge of the cliff, letting the wind caress his midnight locks, golden eyes staring intently at the two. He was a quiet man, preferring to listen and watch rather than acting or speaking. He wasn’t a fan of leaving his territory so suddenly either, but Jack was quite the persuasive devil when he wanted to be. Plus, this strange land did have it’s perks.The air was fresh and the breeze from the ocean was pleasant, it had been quite some time since he last saw the ocean.

Perhaps he would have some fish tonight.

When Jack was sure Hiccup was no longer dying he moved to sit next to Rev. And by sit next to, we mean sprawl his cold lanky torso over the wolfman’s lap. Rev still did not care.

"Right, now that that is taken care of, let’s get down to business." Jack grinned at Hiccup, Rev simply nodded his head slowly to show he was ready to proceed

This would certainly be…interesting.

As Hiccup rasped over the ache of his lungs and muscles, he quietly cursed the other two out for being perfectly fine. To be fair, he wasn’t sure how high oxygen was on their list of bodily functions. Another silent curse. The comforting touch helped, and he gratefully acknowledged the snow. He quietly took back part of his curse at the non-humans as the snow melted against his tongue.

Feeling better, Hiccup stood and stretched, glancing back over his shoulder for a moment to make sure no one had followed. They were likely dealing with the upset Nightmare back at the square. When he looked back, his eyes narrowed into a flat, unsurprised expression.

"Well, you two sure look comfortable. Are you sure this is actually supposed to be an informational interview or am I just going to get the chance to document your lack of social bounds?" He quipped, lips pulled in a wry smile. "So should we get started then? What does that actually mean here?"

He moved to locate a small rock nearby, dropping down onto it gracelessly.


Collating all the domestic ship memes together into one post, send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

  • Who’s more dominant:
  • Who’s the cuddler:
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
  • Who uses all the hot water:
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: 
  • Who does most of the cleaning: 
  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: 
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:  
  • Who leaves their stuff around:
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: 
  • Who remembers anniversaries:  
  • Who cooks normally: 
  • How often do they fight:
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: 
  • Nicknames for each other: 
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: 
  • Who steals the covers at night: 
  • What would they get each other for gifts:
  • Who kissed who first:
  • Who made the first move:
  • Who remembers things: 
  • Who started the relationship:
  • Who cusses more: 
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: 
  • Who is the dirty talker:
  • A head canon:
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 A young man strolled along the sleepless city streets. The neon lights reflecting on his snow white hair as he tried to collect his thoughts.

Okay, okay. Calm down, Jack! You can do this." - he kept whispering to himself over and over again, and nervously brushing his hair with his fingers. It wasn’t like he was to get hurt but under his confident and proud acting, he was just him. Nothing more, nothing less. And after spending so much time on his own, Jackson Overland Frost started to think that maybe he wanted more. Maybe he wanted a friend. A True Friend.

When he finally arrived the meeting place, a classic tea salon which interior shone as if made of light, with golden walls all around, and crystal likes that reminded him of stars hanging from the ceiling. Classic music could be heard coming from the inside… Jack entered through the glass doors and stood on the front entrance searching for a familiar face he was supposed to meet.

For minutes, Hiccups’ eyes hadn’t moved from the small, black text on the menu. At first he’d been trying to pick out some sort of tea, viridian gaze flicking between each flourished description, but then his thoughts began to drift far from what type of tea seemed a suitable choice for this first encounter. Admitting defeat, he let it fall back to the table, calloused fingers rubbing together in an anxious fumble.

There was nothing to be embarrassed about right? People had this sort of arrangement all the time. And definitely not just the desperate, hideously un-datable ones, normal, attractive, confident people…meet up with someone they’ve only ever spoken to online, with only the vague introduction of a single mutual friend to bar the strangeness.

Ana vouched for Jack’s definite lack of creepiness, thankfully, or else Hiccup would never have agreed to the set up. In any case, this wasn’t a date. It wasn’t anything other than a meet up until they stated otherwise.

Still, Hiccup’s nerves leapt as the little chime by the door rang, a flash of white catching his eye. There was a very minute chance of two white haired males being in that parlor for the same appointment, he was sure of it. Standing, Hiccup waved him over, hoping the smile on his face didn’t look too tense. “Jack! Over here!”

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